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Hughesville, MD, 20637




Q: What’s the upload and download speeds?

A: Upload and download speeds depend highly on a few criteria:

  • surrounding foliage density

  • distance from the tower

  • clear line of site to a tower within 2 – 3 miles

We’ve witnessed anywhere from 1mb - 107mb download speeds and up to 20mb upload speeds. We do not recommend our service if you can only receive 7mb download speeds and below, unless you specifically state those lower speeds will work for you.  


Q: Can I stream on an Amazon FireTV Stick or similar device such as a Roku?



Q: Can I stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube or other similar streaming services?



Q: Can I play online games on Xbox, Playstation and PC?

A: YES, but we recommend at minimum 5mb download and 1mb upload speed for online gaming with a ping of less than 100ms.


Q: Is there a trial period?

A: YES, you have 5 days to evaluate the service upon receipt of the device. You will need to return the device at the end of 5 days trial period with the returned shipping label that was enclosed with the original order.


Q: How do I return the equipment if I cancel service or performance isn’t working well in my area?

A: Go to Customer Care section and click on the link for “cancel service”. You will receive pre-paid shipping label to the e-mail on file. Once you receive the return label from TW, you will be responsible to ship the device (CPE) and supplemented equipment within 2-3 days. Otherwise, you may maybe subject to being billing for full cost of the equipment and supplemental equipment (between $250-$500). You will be billed for the shipping & handling ($25.00) for the returned item.

Cancellation of service is immediate, and any unused service is not prorated or refundable.


Q: Is there a contract?

A: No Contract


Q: How are payments processed each month?

A:  We offer 2 options under “Pay My Bill”,

Option 1: One-time Payment OR

Option 2: Automatic payments via PayPal will automatically conduct a monthly recurring payment on the same date that you initially sign up for service


Q: When will my device ship?

A: Your device will ship within 5-14 business days, depending on stock item