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Hughesville, MD, 20637



No Contracts!!

Timbuktu Wireless, LLC provides wireless internet service with no contractual obligation. You prepay month to month for service and as long as payments are made on time service will continue. If you no longer desire wireless internet service please contact us and service will be immediately discontinued. Try out on us for the first five days of service once it’s received if it doesn’t work sent it back (see terms & conditions, under FAQ)

No disconnection fees, No Hassle!

Access Online Entertainment

Stream your favorite movies, shows and video. Participate in Online Gaming that is lag free, with no limits or disconnects. Music lovers also get to stream your favorite online radio stations.

Works well with services like HBO Go, Starz, Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, X Box One, PlayStation & MUCH MORE

Work from home

You simply cannot work remotely via Satellite internet access because of very high lag between your work place systems and home computer which is caused by high latency to and from the Satellite you're connecting to. With our solution you can access your work environment via VPN with ease. The connection is stable enough to give assurance of good performance and reliability.

Timbuktu Wireless, LLC provides dependable, affordable Internet to under-served communities across Rural America. Our service is more reliable, faster, and consistently available unlike Satellite, DSL and Dial-Up internet access.